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 how was atypik'baby created?

Good morning all,

My name is Angélique, I am a nursing assistant at the hospital, and I am the mother of a beautiful little girl born in December 2020.

During my pregnancy, during the ultrasound of the 8th month, my gynecologist informs me that my daughter has a deformity of both feet which is called "Congenital equine varus foot", characterized by feet turned inwards. .

I was told that for this pathology the treatments are diverse and different depending on the severity of the feet (casts / splints / tenotomy / Ponseti method ...)

For my part, my daughter had casts at birth, followed by splints that she still has, and that she will have until she is 3 years old.
All this, followed by a surgeon and physiotherapist very regularly.

During the first 12 months of my daughter, I encountered several difficulties and problems related to this handicap.
Including dressing with casts and splints.
I couldn't find any suitable clothes, like leg snaps and footless pajamas with larger sizes.
I was also able to realize by meeting and exchanging with other parents that they encountered the same difficulties as me.

That's why I had the idea of launching the "Atypik'Baby" brand of clothing adapted and specific for babies.

my goal in creating this brand is to "normalize" disability by offering attractive products.
I want to simplify the daily life of parents, as well as reduce the handling of children so that they are as comfortable as possible.
Because it requires a lot of patience, rigor for the children and their parents.  


It is also for me a personal revenge dedicated to my daughter who is very courageous on a daily basis like all your babies.

Hoping to be able to simplify the daily life of each of you.


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